"Mary Snow has been our friend and agent for over 20 years.  She has assisted us in the purchase and sale of properties in the Amherst, Virginia area with unfailing success.  Mary is especially proficient in advising on value, pricing, and marketing. Interestingly she has represented both the seller and the buyer in several transactions resulting in both parties feeling that the agent insured a fair arrangement for both.  Her integrity has led to an interesting outcome in most cases where the seller and buyer remain in contact with each other and share a fondness and loyalty to Mary Snow Realty and Mary Snow herself.  Mary is the most knowledgable, competant, and successful real estate broker/agent in the Amherst, Virginia market.  Our fondness of and loyalty to her are the result of two decades of proven performance."  WF and RR Amherst, VA   

"After three years and multiple agents, Mary was able to get the job done.  She was extremely professional in all aspects of the process.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home or property in her geographical area."  H.R.P. March  2014

"We were out of state buyers and Mary walked us through everything we needed to do.  She is extremely knowledgable about the real estate available in her area and also paid particular attention to what we were looking for, eliminating any unnecessary searching.  I would highly recommend her.  She is very easy to work with. B.G. Amherst, VA   March 2014

"I was extremely fortunate to have you as my realtor.  Thank you for what you accomplished for me.  Mary, you are one in a million!"  K  Hyde, Lacey, WA October 2013